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A Whole Family Centre  for the Community run by the Community of Barry South Wales

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We are a collective of Barry residents who’ve come together to make a difference for families living with or affected by mental health , suicide, grief and loss , domestic abuse and substances. Many of us have lived experiences of dealing with services; some of us have been supported in the past by other agencies. Some of us have set up services within Barry to help. 


We came together to help each other , some of us have lost a loved one or a family members, or have been affected by mental health and domestic abuse in our past and now want to share our experiences , skills and help remove barriers and stigmas. 

We came together because of lack of earlier support offered or further support that is not under a time constraints, also there’s is not a whole family service that helps everyone within the family, families are often not part of decision making and even have to tell their story to 6-10 separate professionals or that services stops running or funding runs out? 

Can you imagine if you were dealing with something and you had to tell your story over and over again..? You start to trust someone and that person leaves or you get referred to a different person or service? Or more frustratingly you need help and support and it’s just not available? 


We want a place where people can go that people are treated with respect, are listened too, can access support but more importantly be included in decision making and being supported in finding solutions that are meaningful and lasting. 

We want somewhere people can access continued support by one person and be given tools and techniques to manage afterwards. 

We want to empower our community to feel they are the experts in their own lives.

Tammi Owen has spent over 2 years unpaid , talking to over 900 people, 30 community groups , 30 support services , held 10 events , collated 3 surveys to ask the people of Barry what is needed in the town and how can we support each other as a community. 

In this survey the top 5 things people felt was missing was the following:-

1. A place to go to help people with isolation and loneliness 

2. A place I can go where Support is under one roof, rather than each member of the family going to different services .

3. Activities that are run in the day and evenings for all ages 

4. A place I can access support / information or just a coffee not 9-5

5. A place I can go where I feel a part of something.

A call out went out too the Barry Community after these consultations  asking for people to get involved, so far we have 26 people from Barry who are willing to be trained by the Wales Co Op to be a board member (to make sure we do what we say we are going to do) 

We have people who want to offer services and activities for free .

And lastly we have a drive to make this a real community support centre ran by the community for the community. 

We will be offering counselling, support groups , help with being affected or living with domestic abuse, mental health and substances, whilst offering a place to go if you just want to feel a part of a community. 

Activities that are fun , informative and for all the community. 

Our Community , CUBE Community United Barry 4 Everyone


 If you would like to get involved help us raise much needed funding or just want to support us ? 

or to find out more please get in touch


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Our wonderful logo's

We would like to thank Jenner Park Primary School  & Oak Field Primary School in Barry, for taking part in our design our logo's competition. Which are included here on our website.  All their entries will be displayed at the centre and laminated for all to see.  Well done everybody.


Tammi Owen, founder of CUBE calling together the community to join her in making a difference